Sleeping Beauty (The Israel Ballet)

As studios closed and performances stopped, I realized our idea of dance was going to change for a while. I saw the disappointment in my students upon news of their summer intensives canceling, and all I wanted was to give them something worth looking forward to.

On a whim, I reached out to a dancer I have admired for years, and to my delight she agreed to teach a Zoom class for my students. This quickly turned into Virtual Ballet Intensive.

As a dancer myself, I can imagine the anxiety dancers must face, not knowing when they will be able to train in a normal way. I wanted to offer a program, not as a watered-down version of the summer intensive they planned to attend, but an intensive uniquely designed to help dancers progress even in makeshift studios at home. There’s no reason why we can’t put in just as much work to improve just as much as we would under different circumstances. It just takes a little creativity and a shift of focus.

I have hand-picked a group of my favorite teachers and humans to collaborate in this program. I think positivity and levity will help us all through difficult times, and it is my intention to create a program that offers just that.

With Love,