Full Day Intensive June 22-27 With Megan Fairchild, Lindy Mandradjieff, Deborah Wingert, Viki Psihoyos, & Joy Womack

5 Classes Daily Monday-Friday, 1 Class on Saturday Daily classes include Cross Training, Ballet Technique, Pointe Strengthening, Repertoire, and Special Technique. Saturday is a shorter day of Ballet Technique only.

This 6-day intensive program consists of 5 classes Monday through Friday and 1 class on Saturday. Each class, held on Zoom, is designed specifically for at-home learning in makeshift home studios. Class sizes are kept small to make sure each dancer receives corrections and feedback vital for their progress. You will have at least one class with each of our guest teachers.

Mental Health 11am EDT 10am CDT 9am MDT 8am PDT

A mental health seminar will be offered Monday’s during the first time slot. We feel the mental health of our dancers is just as important as staying injury-free. Current topics as well as ways to treat performance and audition anxiety will be discussed.

Cross Training 11am EDT 10am CDT 9am MDT 8am PDT

Each day Tuesday- Friday will begin with cross training. This will rotate between yoga for dancers, GYROKINESIS®, and stretch class with Joy Womack. Please know schedules are subject to change.

Ballet Technique 12pm EDT 11am CDT 10am MDT 9am PDT

This 2-hour technique class allows the time to focus on the fine details. Our world-class teachers will give individual attention and feedback, as class sizes are limited. Jumping and turning will be kept to a minimum, as the health and safety of our dancers is of utmost priority.

Pointe Strengthening 2:10pm EDT 1:10pm CDT 12:10pm MDT 11:10am PDT

Pointe will be focused on building strength, again with safety in mind. Most exercises will be done at the barre (chair, counter, etc) with two hands, only occasionally coming off the barre for simple exercises. Pre-pointe will be offered to dancers interested.

Repertoire/Variations 3:45pm EDT 2:45pm CDT 1:45pm MDT 12:45pm PDT

Classical Ballet Repertoire will be taught with a focus on style and choreography. Pointe shoes need not be warn unless a dancer’s home space allows.

Special Technique 5pm EDT 4pm CDT 3pm MDT 2pm PDT

The final class of the day will rotate between Character, Modern, Jazz, and Contemporary. These classes will also be tailored to the needs of a home studio.

You will enjoy a variety of world-class teachers, including Megan Fairchild, Deborah Wingert, and Lindy Mandradjieff, all NYCB dancers or alumni. Read more about our incredible teaching staff here, and check back soon for updates and additions!

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Intensive Includes

  • 27 Classes
  • 2 Assessments